Frequently Asked Questions
Below is a list of questions I often receive about my artwork and prints/products. If you don't see what you're looking for in the FAQs, please use the form below to contact me.
What techniques do you use to create your art?
My work is a blend of traditional and digital techniques: for most of the pieces, I create a pencil drawing, then I do a base painting in Photoshop using a Wacom tablet, and I add textures with watercolour, acrylic, and ink brushes (these are made with traditional paints). For other pieces, like my animal chart series, I draw in graphite and then add ink washes to colour them.

What mediums/tools do you use?
Graphite, water colour, gouache, ink, and digital drawing with a Wacom Intuos Pro. I’m also starting to use Procreate and Adobe Fresco for iPad.

What is your creative process like?
I start with research and brainstorming and then I create concept sketches (lots of thumbnails, then more defined drawings). I gather any necessary reference material and complete a detailed drawing of the final layout. Then I work on preliminary sketches and refine the artwork and layout. For me, the work in progress is the best part of a project (that’s when I’m learning the most!). Seeing an illustration or design take shape is a very rewarding experience.

How do you stay motivated to create?
I want my work to have meaning and purpose; to see my work improve; to try new ways of creating. It’s also really helpful to set short-term goals for the week and to work when you work best (for me, that’s the morning – I’m able to focus and produce more in the early hours).

Where do you find inspiration?
I’m inspired by natural history and I am obsessed with nature documentaries; one of my favourite series is BBC’s Planet Earth. I find a lot of inspiration outdoors and love to draw or brainstorm after going for walks in the countryside. I love to convey emotion and life through the subject matter, but also through brushstrokes. I find that layered strokes add a lot of movement, depth, and feeling to my artwork.

What are your goals when creating a piece of art?
I want to enjoy the project and create work that I’m proud of. I also hope to create art that inspires others. 

Where does your passion for animals come from?
I'm not exactly sure where my passion for animals comes from, but the beauty and complexity of the natural world certainly fascinate me. As a child, I remember watching a great white shark documentary and was enchanted by the way these dominating animals moved so gracefully in the water. I think animals are inherently beautiful, and it's fun to project a sense of story and emotion through them.

What is your experience with print-on-demand websites?
During my time at St. Lawrence College, I posted some illustration work to a print-on-demand website called Society6. The S6 artist community was very encouraging and I continued to post more art. After a couple of months, my art was featured on the home page and Society6 included my small collection in their public shop. From there, my work was featured on some popular design and magazine blogs, which brought more people over to check out my shop. As my work became more visible, to my happy surprise, people started purchasing prints. I have had positive experiences with all of the companies that currently sell my work. If you’re interested, I would recommend joining a community, like Society6,  Redbubble, or Fine Art America. It’s a great way to engage with other creatives and get your work out there. 

Where can I purchase prints and products?
My artwork is available at Society6, Redbubble, Juniqe, Fine Art America, Curioos, and Pop Motif. Most of these online retailers offer worldwide shipping.

Can I purchase prints directly from you?
Not currently. I license my artwork to several online retailers. I am not involved with orders, production, or shipping. If you need help with your order, you will need to contact the website’s customer service team. 

Do you have original artwork available for purchase?
I do not currently sell original artworks. 

Can I order wholesale?
Yes! Prints and products are available at wholesale pricing through Society6. Regarding their wholesale program, connect with Society6 here. View my collection at Society6 here.

Where can I purchase large format prints?
Fine Art America offers large format printing – up to 152 cm (60 inches) on the longest side. They have multiple fulfillment locations and ship worldwide. 

How do I frame prints myself? 
Here are a few ways to frame an art print (as suggested by Redbubble): 
1. Purchase a custom matte and standard frame.
2. Trim the existing matte that comes in a standard frame. 
3. Float the art print on top of a standard matte in a standard frame.
4. Trim the print to fit the frame (most of my artwork has a lot of white space, which is helpful if you need to trim the paper size down).
Art prints are also available for purchase in frames, ready to hang.

Do you sell digital files of your artwork?
No, I do not sell digital files of my existing artwork.

Can I use your existing illustration(s) in my personal project?
My existing artworks are licensed under contract to various retailers and cannot be used for personal projects.

Do you accept commissioned work?
I am not currently accepting commission requests.
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